What We Do

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that gives new and gently worn athletic shoes, in adult size 12 and larger, to middle school and high school students who participate in sports program activities that help develop life skills. 

We are an all-volunteer organization.

Online Application for Shoes


Student Qualifications

  • Currently enrolled in Grades 7-12 in a Public School System in Central Florida  
  • Wear an adult athletic shoe size 12 or larger
  • Participate in team sports activities
  • Eligible to receive free and reduced price meal benefits from the County Public School Districts.


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Big Shoes In The News!


Highlighted on Spectrum TV News 13


Our First Shoe Donor - The Orlando Magic!

 Our  founder, Renee Armstrong, right, receives our first shoe donation on September 1, 2016 from the Orlando Magic NBA Basketball Team at the  Orlando Magic Corporate Offices, Orlando, Florida.